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1st Annual Moore Heart Award

About the Moore Heart Award

Everyone knows living with chronic illness, particularly one involving pain, can wear on you, your family, and just beat you down. It’s an ugly reality that many out there are faced with. Those affected end up having two choices in life: Give Up; or Live In Spite of Your Illness and Chronic Pain to the Best of Your Ability.

Then, we have those special warriors out there who make a third choice for themselves. These warriors not only live life in spite of their illness and chronic pain, but somehow, they find the strength to always be there for others and to reach out a helping hand when others are in need. They offer advice, they give doctor recommendations, they laugh with you, they cry with you, and they pray for you despite the fact that they too are struggling on a daily basis.

In 2014 The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain  decided to annually recognize a remarkable individual who encourages and inspires our kids while facing their own medical struggles.  TCAPP unanimously voted to name the award after our first recipient, Amelia (Milly) Moore, as it is Amelia who inspired TCAPP to create this award.

This Year's Recipient

The first annual TCAPP "Moore Heart" award is being presented to Miss Amelia "Milly" Moore

Amelia Moore has turned her personal challenges into an ability to help others overcome their fears and misunderstandings about mitochondrial disorder   Her knowledge and gentle demeanor have a profound effect on the individuals around her. Her passion and openness about her challenges is not only admirable but inspirational.  She has accepted her illness as part of her life but does not allow it to define who she is.  She has turned her struggles into the ability to help others overcome their fears and feelings of isolation.  She emulates patience, optimism and hope.  Amelia is a perfect example of when circumstances fail, but character succeeds, one becomes a model of hope for others.  Amelia has taught us not to wait for the storm to pass but to dance in the rain.  Amelia is an inspiration to all of us and the perfect dance partner!

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