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CRPS Partners In Pain Inc.’s Symposium

CRPS Partners In Pain Inc.’s Symposium

TCAPP hopes you will attend the CRPS Partners in Pain, Inc.'s Symposium where one of our Medical Advisory Board members, Dr. Chopra will be speaking.

Date: November 16, 2013
Location: The New College Building of Drexel University 245 N 15h Street, Philadelphia PA

For Registration Information and Fees, please visit:


Dr. Pradeep Chopra, MD (Pain Management Physician and Adjunct Professor of Brown Medical School)

Dr. Guillermo Alexander, Ph.D. (Drexel University School of Medicine Professor, Research, co-authored many studies with Dr R J Schwartzman)

Jess Feinberg (College student studying social work and CRPS patient in remission)

Nancy Cotterman, RN BSN (Executive Director of CRPS Partners In Pain, Inc., Published Author, CRPS Advocate and has CRPS)

Shirley Shae (mom of Kaitlyn Nello who has had CRPS for 17 years)