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Happy EDS Awareness Month

Happy EDS Awareness Month

For those of you that have EDS, you know the zebra story right? It’s the reason for my cool title font. We’re zebra’s because we’re unique in our medical treatment. So, this is the month to flaunt your zebra pride! That being said, no party tricks. I know how much fun they are and I know a lot of people will ask you to do them, but don’t. Tongue tricks are excluded because those don’t harm you in any way. I’m talking about the contortion tricks, or the “Oh my gosh! How can you do that?” kind of tricks. Everyone has their own incentive not to show off – it should be for your health, but often it isn’t – for example; I don’t like being yelled at by my physical therapist (who is my other mother) and my primary doctor who is actually on the TCAPP doctor board. His name is Dr. Randhawa; the allergist, immunologist, pulmonologist, pediatrician, internal medicine, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s also board certified in transplant. Basically he’s brilliant. Anyway, that’s not the point, the point is zebra pride is different from hurting yourself so don’t do it.

These are some fun EDS sayings I found that I think those of you with EDS will appreciate, p.s. I’m giving credit of the quote to who said it to me, or where I found it. If someone else originally said it I don’t mean to take credit or give someone else credit: “I’m flexi and I know it.” Roman said this one to me. You can check out his and his sister’s stories on the TCAPP kids page. “I miss the days when it was just my cereal that snapped, crackled, and popped.” Saw this on a T-shirt. “My joints go out more then I do.” On the EDS teen group on Facebook.

The really, really sad part….all of this stuff is true.

This is a short post because I just wanted to share the zebra love!
Until next time,
The Sick Chick

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