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PICC Lines

PICC Lines

Hey again!

My newest post topic is about PICC lines. For those of you who don’t know what a PICC line is, in lame man’s terms, an IV that stays in your arm for a long time so you can get continuous IV therapies for however long you need them. Now I’ve been fortunate enough not to have needed a PICC line – partially because of that ‘lovely’ (not!) bleeding disorder – but I do know lots of people who have had one in the past or currently have one. Those itchy covers don’t look comfortable, but I have a solution for that! Or rather my good friend does. She has a rare lung disorder that required her to have a PICC line for a little over a year and a half. She who will not be named came up with an amazing idea! CUTE, COMFORTABLE PICC COVERS! Amazing right? Since I don’t want to keep calling her ‘she who won’t be named’ I’ll give her a nickname only she’ll understand if she ever reads this. Kellogs – not trying to rip off the cereal company and no copyright or trade mark infringements are intended, but this is the nickname I’ll call her – came up with, dun dun dun duuunnn! Sock covers! It’s genius. Here’s the concept; you buy a pair of socks that you like with a good pattern or design and cut it! Yup, you read that right, cut the end of the sock that doesn’t already have the hole in it, and slide it on your arm over the PICC line.

Take any sock you like and just cut the foot part off and more if need be for your arm. You can customize it, and that’s the awesome part. People will think it’s a fashion statement not a medical necessity. When Kellogs wore hers people asked where she got it, she always made up some snarky remark in true Kellogs fashion.

I hope you like this idea on how to dress up your PICC line. I think it’s really cool personally. Since I haven’t gotten any messages on topics, I’ll just keep doing random things that I think are cool. Maybe my next post won’t even be about medical stuff; it does get boring after a while doesn’t it? So come on people! Give me some suggestions! And two topics I won’t talk about; One Direction or Justin Bieber.

Lots of Love,
Sick Chick

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1. Becca wrote:
I love you and your blog, Sick Chick!!!

Sat, June 15, 2013 @ 12:11 AM

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