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Sick is Wicked

Sick is Wicked

Hey all out there on the Internet! I’m the original Sick Chick and I’m going to be a blogger for the TCAPP kid’s page! You can email me questions or topics you want me to blog about through TCAPP, but make sure to say it’s for me! I can talk about whatever it is you want, as long as it’s not inappropriate. I can talk about school, boys, fashion, illness, doctors, etc. If you want to here about it I’m your girl.

When people think of someone sick they think of the work ‘sick’ meaning ill. I’d like to think of the definition in the way that means awesome or cool. Either way you put it I’m one Sick Chick. Word play is fun so I’m going to continue. I’d like my real identity to remain anonymous, but I will tell you this; I’m kind of a nerd! Vocabulary is one of my favorite subjects. Latin and Greek roots fascinate me. Take the word disabled for example. Dis is the Latin root for not and able comes from the Greek root ible meaning capable. If you put the two together you get ‘not-capable’. I sure as heck am not ‘not capable’! I resent that term. So I’m going to switch out the dis to another root. Different comes from two different roots; vario – Greek for different or variety and differ, the other root, is Latin for different. If we use vario the phrase becomes ‘cable in a variety of ways’ and if we add differ it becomes ‘differently abled’ personally I like those phrases better. See, vocab can be fun! I won’t blame you if you totally zoned out of that though, as long as you get the main point. Take the dis out of disability and make it differently abled or cable in a variety of ways. It sounds much better.

I’ll answer some random questions you’ll probably want to know about me. I have dysautonomia, EDS – and all of the problems that come with it -, POTs, gastroparesis, RSD, mast cell activation disorder, a screwed up immune system, and a rare bleeding disorder. Complicated, I know. Here are some other non-medical things about me; I go to school when I can, my favorite subjects are math and vocab, I also like writing, I love going to the movies with my friends, purple and blue are my two favorite colors, I don’t like the color pink, and I can be very sarcastic. I’m a teenage girl for those of you who are wondering, I used to dance – ballet, tap, and modern are my favorite styles - and I’d love to go back but at the moment my health isn’t letting me, now I’m very into music. I play piano, the cajon, sing, and am currently learning how to play the guitar.

You know the saying, “Blondes have more fun, but brunettes remember it the next day,”? Well I’m the proof that saying is wrong. I do have more fun, but the reason I don’t remember it is because I have brain fog, not because I’m a blonde. I live in California, but don’t call me a valley girl. I don’t surf, I’m not tan, and I have brown eyes. Well, I do have blue sclera, does that count? Oh well.

Some words of wisdom:
· When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the rest of the world wondering how the hell you did it.
· The world will knock you down plenty, don’t do it to yourself.
· The best revenge is to accomplish what others said you could not. So go and do it.

And until next time: Lots of Love!
The Sick Chick
P.S. don’t forget to send in any questions you have or anything you want me to talk about!

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